Our Philosophy

Faraday Copper operates with the sophistication of a senior mining company while existing in the junior mining space. As a result of our experience, intuition, and technical knowledge, we believe that Faraday Copper offers significant potential for growth relative to the junior mining space. 

We chose the name Faraday Copper to honour the spirit of discovery and the foresight of innovation. Copper will play a major role in the electrification of our society as we transition to a clean energy future. We see an opportunity to meet this demand with a new domestic supply of copper that will serve the needs of innovation for years to come. 

Our mission is to support the global energy transition and promote a sustainable future through the responsible development of our U.S.-based copper assets.

Within our exploration process, we favoured properties that present low-risk, high-value return with a clear pathway to production. Both assets have near-term potential in top-tier mining jurisdictions and have the backing of nearly 300,000 meters of historical data, combined. We are focused on evaluating this historical data with a new lens, bolstering the data with new information, and delivering updated and improved Preliminary Economic Assessments of our projects.

With senior-level experience from large mining companies, our team possesses a strong technical focus and a disciplined approach. We are building technical evaluations from the ground up. This starts with a robust geological model and is followed by comprehensive geotechnical exploration and detailed metallurgical test work programs.

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