Copper Creek is located in Pinal County, 70 kilometers northeast of Tucson along Highway 77, representing the largest population and service hub in the district. The Copper Creek property is 16 kilometers from the town of San Manuel and 10 kilometers from Mammoth, both of which represent purpose-built mining townships historically developed to service past producers.

Pinal County is an established mining region with the infrastructure and services to support project exploration and development. 

Access to the property is comprised of historical mine roads and ranch access roads. This network of maintained gravel roads leads from existing drill sites to supply roads that route to plants within the region. The closest mining complex is the ASARCO Ray Mine, located near the town of Hayden, approximately 48 kilometers northwest on Highway 77.

Elevation on the property ranges from 1,035 metres to 1,490 metres above sea level in the eastern Basin and Range physiographic provinces of southeastern Arizona. The area experiences two rain seasons: one during the winter months of December to March and a second during the summer season between July and September. An on-site rain gauge has recorded rainfall since 1987, which equates to an average annual amount of ~300 millimeters. The climate allows mining and exploration programs to operate year-round.

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