Mineral Resource

Combined Open Pit and Underground Mineral Resource Estimate, Copper Creek Project

Category Tonnes
Grade Contained Metal
Cu Mo Ag CuEq Cu Mo Ag CuEq
(%) (%) (g/t) (%) (Mlbs) (Mlbs) (Moz) (Mlbs)
Open Pit (OP)                  
Measured  67.2 0.48 0.008 1.2 0.51 710.5 12.5 2.6 751.1
Indicated  59.9 0.31 0.008 0.6 0.33 412.9 10.1 1.1 440.5
M&I  127.1 0.40 0.008 0.9 0.43 1123.4 22.6 3.8 1191.6
Inferred  48.1 0.28 0.006 0.5 0.30 298.4 6.4 0.7 316.0
Underground (UG)                  
Measured  34.5 0.47 0.011 1.6 0.51 359.8 8.0 1.7 388.0
Indicated  260.3 0.47 0.008 1.2 0.50 2720.6 43.9 10.0 2876.8
M&I  294.8 0.47 0.008 1.2 0.50 3080.4 52.0 11.8 3264.8
Inferred  35.5 0.42 0.009 0.8 0.45 329.7 7.1 0.9 353.0
Total (OP + UG)                  
Measured  101.6 0.48 0.009 1.3 0.51 1070.3 20.5 4.4 1139.1
Indicated  320.2 0.44 0.008 1.1 0.47 3133.5 54.0 11.2 3317.3
M&I  421.9 0.45 0.008 1.1 0.48 4203.8 74.6 15.5 4456.4
Inferred  83.6 0.34 0.007 0.6 0.36 628.2 13.4 1.7 669.0

This Mineral Resource Estimate is reported with an effective date of February 9, 2023.

Notes to Mineral Resource Table:

  • CuEq: Copper equivalent; g/t: Grams per tonne; Mlb: Million pounds; Moz: Million troy ounces; Mt: Million tonnes
  • The mineral resources in this estimate were prepared in accordance with the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) Standards on Mineral Resources and Reserves, Definitions and Guidelines (CIM, 2014) prepared by the CIM Standing Committee on Reserve Definitions and adopted by CIM Council.
  • Pit shell constrained resources with RPEEE are stated as contained within estimation domains defined by the following cut-off grades: 0.13% CuEq for oxide material, 0.14% CuEq for transitional material, and 0.13% CuEq for sulphide material. Pit shells are based on an assumed copper price of $3.80/lb, assumed molybdenum price of $13.00/lb, assumed silver price of $20.00/troy ounce (oz), and overall slope angle of 47 degrees based on preliminary geotechnical data. Operating cost assumptions include open pit mining cost of $2.25/t, processing cost of $7.60/t for milling transitional and sulphide material, $4.56/t for oxide processing, general and administrative (“G&A”) costs of $1.00/t, and treatment charges and refining charges (“TCRC”) and freight costs dependent on product and material type.
  • Underground constrained resources with RPEEE are stated as contained within estimation domains above 0.31% CuEq cut-off grade. Underground bulk mining footprints are based on an assumed copper price of $3.80/lb, assumed molybdenum price of $13.00/lb, assumed silver price of $20.00/oz, underground mining cost of $7.30/t, processing cost of $7.60/t, G&A costs of $1.00/t, and TCRC and freight costs of $6.50/t. Cave footprint optimization was completed in Geovia's Footprint Finder software and applied a 700 m maximum height of draw.
  • Average bulk density assigned by domain is as follows: 2.47 grams per cubic centimetre (g/cm3) for all near-surface breccias, 2.60 g/cm3 for the deeper Mammoth and Keel breccias, porphyry mineralisation, and all other areas outside of breccias.
  • Preliminary variable metallurgical recovery by metal and domain are considered for CuEq as follows: copper recovery of 92%, 85%, and 60% within sulphide, transitional, and oxide material, respectively; molybdenum recovery of 78% and 68% for sulphide and transitional material, respectively; and silver recovery of 50% and 40% for sulphide and transitional material, respectively.
  • Mineral Resource (MRE) copper equivalent (CuEq) values are calculated using commodity type and price, considering the relevant preliminary recovery rate based on domain. For example, sulphide CuEq = [(Cu grade/100 * 0.92 Cu recovery * 2,204.62 * $3.80) + (Mo grade/100 * 0.78 Mo recovery * 2,204.62 * $13.00) + (Ag grade * 0.50 Ag recovery * $20.00/31.10348)]/(0.92 Cu recovery * 2,204.62 * $3.80) * 100.
  • Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) copper equivalent (CuEq) values are calculated using commodity type and price, considering the relevant recovery rate based on domain, applied using a regression formula as a function of grade. Recovery regression formulas are based on the outcomes of the 2023 metallurgical test work and associated recovery guidance. Metal prices used in the calculation include $3.80/lb copper, $13.00/lb molybdenum, $20.00/oz silver.
  • Mineral resources are not mineral reserves and do not have demonstrated economic viability. There is no certainty that all or any part of the mineral resources will be converted into mineral reserves in the future. The estimate of mineral resources may be materially affected by environmental permitting, legal, title, taxation, socio-political, marketing, or other relevant issues.
  • All quantities are rounded to the appropriate number of significant figures; consequently, sums may not add up due to rounding.

Sampling Methodology, Chain of Custody, Quality Control and Quality Assurance

All sampling was conducted under the supervision of the Company's geologists and the chain of custody from Copper Creek to the independent sample preparation facility, ALS Laboratories in Tucson, AZ, was continuously monitored. The samples were taken as ½ core, over 2 m core length. Samples were crushed, pulverized and sample pulps were analyzed using industry standard analytical methods including a 4-Acid ICP-MS multielement package and an ICP-AES method for high-grade copper samples. Gold was analyzed on a 30 g aliquot by fire assay with an ICP-AES finish. A certified reference sample was inserted every 20th sample. Coarse blanks were inserted every 20th sample. Approximately 5% of the core samples were cut into ¼ core and submitted as field duplicates. On top of internal QA-QC protocol, additional blanks, reference materials and duplicates were inserted by the analytical laboratory according to their procedure. Data verification of the analytical results included a statistical analysis of the standards and blanks that must pass certain parameters for acceptance to ensure accurate and verifiable results.

Qualified Persons

The scientific and technical information contained in this Mineral Resource Estimate pertaining to Copper Creek has been reviewed and approved by the following qualified persons under NI 43-101:

  • Independent Qualified Person for Geology and Mineral Resources: Berkley Tracy, PG, CPG, P.Geo, SRK Principal Consultant;
  • Geology: Dr. Thomas Bissig, P.Geo., Faraday's Vice President of Exploration; and
  • Mining: Zach Allwright, P.Eng., Faraday’s Vice President of Projects and Evaluations.

The qualified persons have verified the information disclosed herein, including the sampling, preparation, security and analytical procedures underlying such information, and are not aware of any significant risks and uncertainties that could be expected to affect the reliability or confidence in the information discussed herein.

For the complete Mineral Resource Estimate details see the Company’s news releases  or the Copper Creek Preliminary Economic Assessment Technical Report, both of which are also available on the SEDAR+ website

Refer to the “Cautionary Statement Regarding Mineral Reserve and Resource Estimates” in our Disclosure.

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